Kearston Lazaretti
Client Advocate & Life Coach

In February I began meeting with a young couple, their alias Allison and David, who were referred to me with an unplanned pregnancy. They told me right away that abortion was completely off the table and were truly contemplating the pros and cons of parenting vs. adoption. After a couple of coaching sessions, they decided that they would like to parent. We continued to meet for coaching sessions to complete the 8-hour requirement. At the very first Baby and Me! session Allison shared that she want-ed to focus on managing her anger but that getting her G.E.D. was her primary goal. One of David’s major goals was to work for a well-known international company. All of their goals blew me away. I could tell right away that they were ready and willing to put in the time and effort to design their futures.

I was able to have 8 amazing coaching sessions with Allison and David where we focused on values, boundaries, communication, and goals. Just last week they graduated from our pro-gram and earned a full size crib and mattress for their baby. But what I find even more remarkable are the non-material things they took away. Allison learned of her strengths and weaknesses, and set up online classes to prepare herself for the G.E.D. testing. David had amazing news at our last class. He had interviewed with that well known company and already had a call back for a second interview. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with this young couple. I know they will take these newly self-learned skills and incorporate them into their everyday lives.

It is our promise to our clients to have their best interest at heart without shining a light on what we think is best for them. We promise to hold each other accountable and to honor the fact they are the expert on their life.