2021 ‘Life Unfolding’ Gala

Life Unfolding is what we see happen for those who call us, attend our programs and experience life coaching. Life is also Unfolding for each of us as we find our comfort level in large groups and out in the world again. Gala-Your-Way with us this year, celebrating with a small group at a location of your choice, or virtually. Register to reserve your space or receive a link to the virtual program.

2020 Ashley Rose Award Winner

Meet Resa, the winner of the 2020 Ashley Rose Award. The day before she was scheduled to abort her baby, she spoke with her Pregnancy Choices Life Coach. Her story is one of courage and emotion as she relives the decision she was about to make. “Avery is beautiful. He is wonderful. He makes our life complete.” Thank you, Resa, for sharing your story of resilience and courage.