Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

We partner with women and men experiencing an unexpected pregnancy or relational poverty, and through life coaching uncover new possibilities and sustainable change for families.

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We take a simple approach to serving you

We provide free limited medical services and life coaching to women and men in our community experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, sexual health concerns, or relational poverty.

Life Coaching

Coaching empowers clients to direct the conversation and articulate what they need. Clients have the time and space to consider their situation from different perspectives.


The Good Father Program was created to encourage healthy, engaged fathers. When a father is present, children are 7x less likely to experience an unplanned pregnancy before the age of 18.

Healthy Relationship Education

In partnership with The Center for Relationship Education, we teach the fundamentals of healthy relationships in schools around Dakota County. 


Our clients receive access to a collection of 250+ community resources for women, men, and children so that no one goes without. 

Transformational Programs

Workshops and group coaching for women and men at any stage of their journey. 


Call or Text: 952.234.9850