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Who We Are

We are a pregnancy help center dedicated to helping pregnant women in the South Metro area of the Twin Cities. Through a coach approach we positively impact our clients with healthy, lasting changes in their lives, and by overcoming poverty through education and relationships.

What to expect with a coach approach center

Professional coaching is not driven by an agenda but by honor and respect; it validates your unique process to figure out what you really want because you are the expert on your own life. As professional coaches we want to see where you go from here.

  • We will ask you questions to better understand what will support you rather than advise what we believe you need or must do.
  • We will provide what you specify you need rather than prescribe what we believe you need.
  • We will assist you in uncovering your values and how they align with your desires rather than define actions and outcomes that align with our values and desires.
  • We will hold you accountable to your goals and who you want to become rather than control your choices and who we think you need to be.

What is Coaching?

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