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Judgment-free support for women and men experiencing an unexpected pregnancy in Dakota County and the Twin Cities metro.

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What is Life Coaching?

So often people feel judged for their decisions, even within their close circles because they know what others want them to do. But what do you want? 

Life Coaching is our response to helping clients answer that question, without advice and without judgment.

Through Certified Life Coaching, clients learn to listen to their own voice and connect more deeply to their values. Coaching assists clients in not only imagining a greater reality, but claiming and living that reality as well.

In partnership with a coach, you’ll confidently discuss options like abortion, adoption, and parenting.

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Coaching is not…

Coaching is not giving advice.

Coaching is not leading, directing, or manipulating.

Coaching is not therapy, healing, or fixing the past.

Coaching is not directed by the coach's agenda.

Coaching is not judgmental nor about thinking others are right or wrong.

Coaching is not consulting or training, which is expert driven.

Coaching is…

Coaching is sourcing the answers from you.

Coaching is partnering and honoring your process, values and beliefs.

Coaching is accepting what's in the moment and inventing a future from that place.

Coaching is directed by your agenda.

Coaching is meeting you where you're at, and having consensus about your reality.

Coaching is trusting the expertise that lies within you.

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