Abortion pill Information

After a positive pregnancy test, it’s normal to experience fear or worry. Following the results, you may begin weighing your options, including the abortion pill.

At Pregnancy Choices, our staff are highly trained and experienced in providing accurate information and compassionate care. If you have questions about how the abortion pill works or are wondering if it’s safe to order online, reach out to us today to talk through your concerns.

Pregnancy Choices offers no cost, certified life coaching to discuss options such as abortion but does not refer or perform abortions.

Before you are ready for the abortion pill,

consider these steps:

  • Take a pregnancy test
  • Confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound
Pregnancy Choices offers pregnancy testing and limited obstetrical ultrasounds at no cost, with no insurance needed.

Facts About The Abortion Pill

The abortion pill is a medication abortion. It’s important you understand what it is and the potential risks before you take it.

The “abortion pill” is actually two pills. One pill ends the pregnancy and the other pill causes cramping so your body expels the pregnancy. It’s important to have an ultrasound before you have a medication abortion.

If you take the abortion pill at the wrong time, it can be ineffective. If you have an ectopic pregnancy, the abortion pill won’t impact the pregnancy and your health will be at risk.

What is The “Abortion Pill”?

A medication abortion or non-surgical abortion uses the “Abortion Pill” or other chemicals to terminate an early pregnancy. This method of abortion is used up to 70 days after a woman’s last menstrual period. If you are farther along in your pregnancy, a medical abortion may be ineffective. Getting a medication abortion may involve up to two office visits and may require a surgical procedure if the medical abortion is incomplete. If you order the abortion pill online, there is a risk it could arrive too late to be effective or could have the incorrect dosage and pose health concerns. Please note that this is not the “Morning-After Pill”, which is a form of emergency contraceptive and is not considered an abortion alternative.

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